Entrance doors

Combining the most important features for your home: durability, safety, and appealing design.

The entrance door is a showpiece of your home. Guarantee yourself safety, comfort, and peace of mind for years – choose a door created by the best designers, made of quality materials in our state-of-the-art factory. Combine tightness, stability, sound insulation, and durability with advanced smart home and keyless solutions. Create a home that will meet your needs in every detail.

Protecting the home interior

Cold, wind, moisture, noise – all that stays outside. WIŚNIOWSKI doors guarantee energy savings, calming peace and quiet, as well as safety (in anti-burglary class up to RC3).

Making your daily life easier

Keyless systems and smart solutions will be of practical help in your daily challenges. You don’t need to worry about having the keys with you – your smartphone will do!

Appealing design

Design has to be durable. Thanks to appropriate technological processes, the door colour does not fade and the structure is resistant to intensive daily use.


Get inspired by our completed projects and choose a door matching your style and needs.

Drzwi CREO 313 z doświetlami bocznymi
Drzwi CREO 349 - widok od wewnątrz
Drzwi CREO z doświetlami bocznymi
Drzwi zewnętrzne CREO 331; RAL 5024
Zdjęcie wnętrza salonu

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