Technical doors

Combining versatility and safety of daily use.

The WIŚNIOWSKI technical doors are a solution created for functional spaces. Their universality and solid structure make it possible to use them as an internal or external door, not only for utility buildings or garages, but also for the home. See how their proven structure guarantees safety and daily comfort.

Flexible solution

With this technical door, you can choose from a broad range of colours and additional accessories. It is a versatile solution that can be tailored to your needs.


Thanks to the unique design of the technical door, you can match it to the character of the given interior. It goes well with the residential part of the house, creating a harmonious whole. At the same time, it provides effective sound insulation, ensuring peace and quiet inside.

Long-lasting durability

The solid structure, highest quality materials, and proven technology guarantee technical door durability for many years.


With your and your loved ones’ safety in mind, technical doors undergo tests in compliance with the applicable European standards. The right safety features provide users with the best protection.


Get inspired by our completed projects and choose a door matching your style and needs.

Drzwi boczne aluminiowe
Drzwi boczne aluminiowe
Drzwi boczne aluminiowe
Drzwi boczne aluminiowe
Drzwi boczne aluminiowe
Drzwi techniczne ECO
Drzwi techniczne ECO
Drzwi płaszczowe do garażu i kotłowni
Drzwi stalowe ECO z bulajem
Drzwi techniczne ECO z bulajem
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