Your fence

Combining durable and reliable system solutions while ensuring safety.

WIŚNIOWSKI fences are functional system solutions that ensure safety and control over access to your property. With 80 models from 8 collections available, you can choose a design perfectly matching your needs and preferences. Discover our attractive and durable residential fence systems proven in all kinds of conditions.

Safety and reliability

We tailor the WIŚNIOWSKI gates to your needs. Depending on the layout of the property, you can choose a conventional double-leaf gate or a more comfortable sliding gate, equipped with unique, advanced solutions. Each of them will ensure safety to you and your loved ones, and will be a functional solution in daily use.

Long-lasting durability and corrosion resistance

A well-protected surface means peace of mind for years. We protect the most durable steel fences against corrosion using hot-dip galvanization and powder-coating in the DUPLEX system, controlling the process at every stage. The steel elements of the fences are covered by a 10-year corrosion protection warranty.

Unlimited possibilities

More than 80 models in 8 collections, as well as a number of customization options, offer an almost unlimited selection of design versions for your fence and property. Each of the collections stands out thanks to unique design. You will find both classic forms and state-of-the-art trendsetting models here.

System solutions

All the elements of the WIŚNIOWSKI fences are part of a functional system which, just like modules, can be freely mixed and matched, depending on your preferences or plot layout. As the WIŚNIOWSKI fences are part of a system, they offer quick and easy installation, visual and technological consistency of the entire design, and safety.

Sliding gates

They guarantee safety and reliable operation for years to come

Double-leaf gates

Combining tradition with modern technical solutions

Folding gates

An excellent solution wherever space is scarce


They perfectly complement the front of the fence, ideally matching its other elements

MultiBox post

Provides a comfortable way of picking up letters and parcels at a convenient time

Fence spans

They ensure a proper level of privacy adjusted to your expectations

Fence panels

They are an economical and aesthetically appealing fence element that will allow you to highlight the attractiveness of your garden and protect your property from unwelcome visitors

Fence collections

Choose the highest quality with a guarantee of long-lasting durability. Various models that will go well with both classic and ultramodern projects. Select a collection matching your needs and your dream design.

MultiBox – a post unlike any other

Discover the unique multi-functional fence post – the MultiBox – integrated with a mailbox, video door phone, and a code switch. You will easily integrate it into your fence design. Pick up your parcels even more conveniently and enjoy unlimited freedom.

Choose an entrance gate that is best for you

Depending on the property layout and your preferences, you can choose a traditional double-leaf gate, a convenient sliding gate or a quick folding gate. The durable structure and reliable operation of the WIŚNIOWSKI entrance gates will guarantee safety and security for years to come.


Get inspired by our completed projects and choose a fence matching your style and needs.

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LUX AW.10.54
LUX AW.10.54
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MODERN AW.10.104
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MODERN AW.10.104
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