Renovation solutions

Renovating? Modernizing? Discover the RenoSystem garage door series created with renovation solutions in mind.

New possibilities in the renovation process. Enhance the comfort of your home, match the garage functionality to contemporary requirements, and enjoy tailor-made renovation solutions.

Versatile structure

A perfect solution for demanding spaces, with no side clearance or lintel. A tailor-made solution. Modernization does not require any additional finishing works.

Unique design

A garage door in RAL or wood-effect colours? Regardless of the selected colour option, you receive a set of fascia panels in the leaf colour as standard.

Solutions made to measure

Specify the dimensions of your garage door opening, select the installation method, and we will match the solution precisely to your needs – down to the millimetre.

Installation options

The RenoSystem solves a multitude of potential issues that could occur during replacement of the garage door. The structure is mounted directly to the existing surfaces using a system of angle bars which, paired with fascia panels, make up for the functionality of the missing wall elements.

Installation behind the opening

Fascia panel behind the opening

Installation in the opening

Fascia panel in the opening

Installation in the opening

Installation in front of the opening

Convenient matching

Garage door adjustment during installation is hassle-free thanks to the system of tracks and opening frames. Thanks to special angle bars, you can move the fascia panel fixing point outside the garage door outline. The panels are available in the garage door colour, which enables perfect matching.

Renovation solutions

Sectional door installation structure

The structure acts as a framework and replaces the missing elements of the lintel or side clearance. This is why it is a great choice for demanding non-standard spaces and will fit any garage. Made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, it guarantees durability for many years.

Renovation solutions

Fascia panels

Renovation fascia panels made in the colour of the garage door leaf make it possible to conceal damage or the less attractive elements of the building structure that may emerge during renovation work.

Renovation solutions

Fascia covers

Fascia covers make it possible to match the front of the building with the design of the garage door curtain. A perfect solution for owners of multi-car garages, as well as those who appreciate a uniform style and design.


Get inspired by our completed projects and choose a garage door matching your style and needs.

Brama garażowa UniPro w wersji RenoSystem
Brama garażowa UniPro w wersji RenoSystem; fasada i drzwi z profili aluminiowych

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