Up and over garage doors

They combine a reliable structure and simple installation with a broad range of solutions that you can tailor to your needs.

Up and over garage doors feature a simple, yet solid structure. Thanks to their reliability, they have enjoyed unwavering popularity for years. They are available with and without thermal insulation. A wide range of models and colours makes it possible to tailor the garage door to your own vision and expectations.

Comprehensive range of accessories

We combine quality and aesthetic appeal with affordable prices. The standard version of the garage door comes equipped with: a lock with a lock cylinder, a set of three keys, and an installation kit. This comprehensive range of accessories guarantees easy and effective installation.

A wide array of solutions

You can opt for an insulated garage door if you want to keep your garage warm, a garage door with a wicket door if you need an additional entrance or a garage door with a renovation frame.


WIŚNIOWSKI up and over garage doors are a proven solution and a choice that will last for years. The structure made of galvanized steel sections and the leaf lining made of galvanized steel sheet with polyester coating guarantee high corrosion resistance.

Comfort of use

Using the garage door is very easy and does not require much effort. The spring system used allows you to lift and lower the garage door without using much force. Adding a drive unit enables operation with the use of a remote or the smart function – with just one button in our smartphone app.

Ekonomia w parze z designem

CONNECT up and over garage door

The CONNECT garage door combines simplicity and reliable structure with broad customization options.

Choose this model if you are looking for an economical solution in good taste. The design of the CONNECT door resembles the style of sectional garage doors. The series offers a broad choice of original decorative motifs, colours, ribs, and accessories.

You can also automate it and even connect it with a smartphone app to open and close the garage door from any place in the world.

Other models of up and over garage doors

An up and over garage door does not have to meet the common stereotypes. Tailor the selected model to your needs, taking advantage of a broad range of designs, colours, glazings, and accessories.


If the comfort of use and unique design is what matters to you, choose the KOMFORT garage door. It is a structure you can infill according to your own vision, for instance with wood or selected type of plastic. In this version, it looks truly exceptional!


A true WIŚNIOWSKI classic. A durable and proven standard model whose popularity has not wavered for more than 30 years! The leaf lining is made of galvanized steel sheet with a polyester coating. The simple and stable structure guarantees an optimal closure system for stand-alone garages.


A proven closure system for terraced, underground, and stand-alone garages. Thanks to special ventilation holes and perforation, it ensures proper air exchange in the garage. The galvanized and coated leaf lining guarantees durability for many years.


It is a version of an up and over garage door that you can easily insulate with a PVC panel. You can also add a convenient wicket door. Garage safety is ensured by secure locking and the structure is reinforced by a practical crosspiece connecting the horizontal tracks.


The SELECT garage door is dedicated to customers who value a broad range of options and finishes. The opening frame in the door leaf colour guarantees unique aesthetic qualities. You can also complement the product with a warm PVC panel, wicket door, glazings, and ventilation grilles.

Up and over garage door models

Our up and over garage doors are available in as many as 16 versions. Select the design that will best match your building.

Vertical infill, high V

Horizontal infill, high H

Vertical infill, low

Horizontal infill, low

Horizontal infill, high

Vertical infill, high

Vertical infill, high with a strip

Horizontal infill, high with a strip

Slanted infill, SV

Slanted infill, SA

Perforated infill, bottom

Perforated infill, top

Perforated infill, top-bottom

Perforated infill

Horizontal infill, low – shutter

Horizontal infill, high – shutter

Colour scheme

Match the garage door to the elevation, surroundings or other joinery elements. Choose from a timeless range of classic colours and film coatings. The DECOR colours are only available for the V and H models.

  • Film coatings, standard colours
  • DECOR colours
Graphite | RAL 7016

Graphite | RAL 7016

Light Grey | RAL 7035

Light Grey | RAL 7035

Brown | RAL 8014

Brown | RAL 8014

Dark Brown | RAL 8017

Dark Brown | RAL 8017

Silver | RAL 9006

Silver | RAL 9006

White | RAL 9016

White | RAL 9016

Golden Oak

Golden Oak



MOTO and METRO – a new generation of drive units

Reliable drive units that guarantee high comfort of daily use, as well as safety and confidence for years to come.

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